Monday, May 6, 2019

Recent strategic planning at ALS

ALS staff and board recently completed a strategic planning process using services provided by Rebecca Schueller of Becky Schueller Consulting Services.  Thanks to Becky for her help in our process and planning.

We reviewed our mission, vision and values, to ensure that we are working towards what is most important for the community.  These are updated statements:

Our Mission

To ensure equal access to high quality legal assistance for historically under-served people living on or near the Leech Lake, Red Lake, and White Earth Tribal Lands and to protect legal rights and Tribal Sovereignty.

Our Vision

ALS envisions communities where all people have access to high quality, professional civil legal services that are culturally-sensitive and informed. These services will be available to all people regardless of age, race, gender, familial status, veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, or tribal membership.
ALS embraces collaboration so that the civil legal needs of low-income, indigent, and vulnerable individuals will always be met by ALS or its partners.
ALS promotes strong and vibrant tribal courts where individuals receive high quality, culturally-sensitive and informed legal services.
ALS envisions Northern Minnesota communities where legal rights and Tribal Sovereignty will be upheld, protected, and widely recognized.

Our Values

ALS strives to protect low-income and vulnerable individuals by safeguarding their rights to quality housing, personal and family safety, and income security.
ALS supports family safety and preservation.
ALS promotes Tribal Sovereignty.
ALS practices and promotes safety, well-being, dignity, and respect for clients and staff.
ALS fosters broad community understanding of Indian Law, Treaty Rights, and Anishinabe Values and Teachings.

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